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3 Things I Learnt From Bootcamp

Yoooo, it has been awhile. Life got busy real fast after I decided to make a career switch and jumped right into a bootcamp.

My experience has been great, had fun learning, met interesting people from diverse background and made alot of friends. Fully anticipated that the bootcamp will be challenging so I started off with sufficient coding practice which paid off and was 2 weeks ahead of syllabus lol. People around looking at me like "u mad bro?". I would say I have been trained well by CT lol.

One concerning fact I learnt from fellow trainees was that males generally have strong compelling reasons like facing setbacks in their career, lack of opportunities thus had to change career.

Guy A worked 12 hours shift in a Semi-con industry and still had to OT another 3-4 hours to do projects.

Guy B from brokerage firm had a pay cut despite the business was still profitable during COVID.

Guy C came from a famous local family operated F&B store but was paid $1500/month.

Guy D had to close his business because his supplier decided to undercut him and sell to businesses directly.

Then there is me... some kind of misery loves company thing going on here lol.

Tried to red pill some of them but was given that skeptical look :<

Ladies on the other hand had what I would say... a smoother journey? Just wanting to try out and learn new things while taking advantage of the subsidies.

So why the massive contrast in motivation? Well, I've got no idea man.

Anyway, just wanna share some things I learnt after having almost completing the bootcamp.

1. Surround yourself with the right people

Prior to joining, my previous mindset was that bootcamps are unnecessary and anyone can learn anything so long as they have internet access. Somehow tendency of feeling unmotivated happens so often that being productive was a challenge.

After joining, I felt really motivated to learn prolly because of being surrounded by like-minded individuals. I was able to work on projects from 7am to 11pm consistently throughout the 3 months. I'm not saying that all bootcamps are good but just highlighting that having the right company, right influence will help tremendously in many ways and also in the long run.

So if you wanna do well in crypto/investing, go find people or befriend internet frogs with the similar interests.

2. It's okay to go at your own pace

Not sure if it's related to Singapore's "kiasu-ness", I think it's strange to respond negatively when someone else is faster or better than yourself when in reality you're truly only competing with yourself. So take the time to absorb, apply what you've learnt, test it out if the theory holds true and find what are its limits.

The same goes for investing, don't feel bad just because everyone on CT appears to be scammed to riches while you still gotta flip patties at McDonalds. CT may have made it look easy but we actually have no idea what kinda risks / the work they had to put in / things they had to go through.

As for me, I shouldn't be concerned with others think since that's not within my control.

3. Acknowledge your capabilities

Yeah, so the last point came an ongoing conflict I had with these 2 particular girls in my group. For some reason the girls decided that my ideas were shit based on 1st project we worked on and strongly pushed for 2nd project to be done in their way.

Too tired from having to argue with emotionally driven females, I just watched on the side laughing to myself at all these poorly made decisions. True enough, the end product ended up shit with too much time and effort spent yet failed to address the objective.

Coming back to the point, I'm not flaunting here but watching them making mistakes I had the realization that knowing what works and what wouldn't is a skill itself. It's something not any Tom Dick Harry has it and I should be proud of it.

So to all readers, you managed to get this far in life already says something about your capabilities so give yourself a pat on the shoulder and pour yourself a drink. You deserve it!

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