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Rekt by FTX

Long time no post, just wanna do a quick life update.

The second half of this year was tough, got hit by a series of bankruptcy shit storm and for the first time I lost quite a sum of money cause FTX vegan fatty had been illegally spending users' deposits on cucumbers. One thing led to another, Gemini earn got suspended withdrawals as well which I barely got away from it.

Time to eat grass :<

Looking back, it is ironic of me to lose money on centralized platforms that despite my constant emphasis "not your keys, not your crypto" in many of my older posts. Wonder what attributed to my complacency? Was it the idea that FTX was too big to fail or the many prominent figures who were behind FTX? It is frustrating yet mind-boggling how the truth eluded and fooled us all. Anyway, I hope the truth will come to light soon and my losses recovered, probably just have to be patient and nibble ETH.

Work has been challenging too. I spent a crazy amount of time reading docs, try to code a solution and break production once in awhile which of course I get shit for it but I learn.... the hard way lol.

Blame the cat >.>

Morale in the company seemed low cause big tech companies had been laying off many employees. People fear that other smaller ones may now have an excuse to do the same. As for me, I'm more concerned about the severance package lol.

Anyway, I think I will try post more often now. Everyday I'm not reading something crypto related, I always feel like I'm losing out in crypto.

Stay safe everyone.

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