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Some Observations on May 2021 Crypto Crash

Saving one for the history books.

1. Less intense than March 2019

@safetyth1rd had pointed out that May 2021 volume still pales in comparison.

Just dawned on me that I have been vested in crypto for almost 2 years now!

2. Liquidity is stretched too thin

A thought piece by Larry @lawmaster.

3. Some coins didn't dump as much

Probably because it is not listed in many of the popular exchanges. Difficult for anyone to dump lol.

Screenshot from CoinGecko

I don't know about this one though... because of Elong?

Screenshot from CoinGecko

4. Productive assets productively dumped

These projects have a large significant amount of tokens staked away yet market still manages to find tokens to dump lol.

5. Some coins shrugged off and headed for the moon

Doesn't matter whether sidechain or L2, making money is more important lol.

6. Quick sentiment check

A sucker's rally?

7. Degen senpai is back

Lastly, one for the laughs

Not gonna lie but each time my bid gets filled, prices become lower which was quite hard to get used to lol. Though things are starting to look like they're recovering, I don't think it is over yet.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, no guarantees on educational content though lol.

Disclaimer: The information listed here is accurate at the point of writing. I am not endorsed by any of the platforms mentioned here. It is strictly my personal opinion and should not be regarded as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

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