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Monthly Portfolio Update: Apr 2021

Realized I haven't blogged for quite some time so quite a bit to unpack in this month's update.

April was quite an insane month to be honest. We all thought that "apes" were the only lifeform with the lowest IQ. Man, we were in for a rude awakening.

F***ing enter tiktokers, a brand new lifeform whose hair are not completely grown out, dumped their money in shit coins like SAFEMOON because it cost $0.01 x 10^-6 to buy. But that's not all, they trended it causing more tiktokers jumped on this hype moon train.

Things were so bad that a kid actually made $31million by buying any shit coins with the word "safe" in it. Seeing shit like this makes me soooo mad.... mad at myself for not using tiktok.

Jokes aside, this was a massive red flag which it didn't take long to collapse. Sending shockwaves throughout the entire crypto market.

Screenshot from CoinGecko. Mamma mia...

So yeah, BTC went from 62k to 52k within 30 minutes. It was down again to <48k a few days later and alt coins were down >30%. All thanks to Mr Biden for wanting to tax further on capital gains. Crypto market certainly didn't like that and gave plebian me some buying opportunities.

I'm pretty sure most of us thought that it was all pasta from that point but somehow nope... no pasta. Another bull run arrived which pushed my portfolio to yet another ATH. (Don't mind the straight line on the blog post image, CoinGecko JSON wasn't working properly lol).

Managed to make some chump change by trading:

  • Bought SNX at $14-ish, sold at $16-ish

  • Bought MATIC at $0.42, sold at $0.81

  • Bought BTC at $52k, planning to sell soon

  • Bought BNB at $480, sold at $520

  • Just sold off my ALPHA at $2.09

  • Took profits way too earlier on RUNE and BNB

As you can see, sometimes I like to sell early because I enjoy staying poor.

Other changes I made, provided single side liquidity for FTM on BEPSWAP. FTM balance has now become really small which I will take it off my list soon.

Hmm what else? I'm also yield farming on 4 different networks, ETH, BSC, COSMOS and Polygon. Joined some of the pool 2 on auto compounding dapps because APYs are too crazy high to pass so I just dump small amounts and forget.

I will soon write about what are all these pool 1/2 stuff then continue with the strategies series.

Some personal update

Work has gotten to a whole new low man. Management decided to "withhold" our sales commission for this financial year based on a fallacious reason that payroll system screwed up and "overpaid" commission. Apparently, we were overpaid for last year Oct, Nov, Dec and yet only now that they decided to take actions. The funniest part was that according to their calculations, I was overpaid for a mere 200 bucks and as a result no more comms?

Subsequently, a new contract was conjured up that contained a shady line saying something like that management reserves the right to modify commission, sales territory etc. at any given time.

So in short, all these additional responsibilities for free on top of no increment nor bonuses for 2 years now. What a complete BS company.

I guess this is it, feels strange to say this on a blog but the only way is out. This is gonna be my second time quitting without a job offer, a little hesitant ngl. Though compared to my colleagues, I am so much better positioned that allows me to quit and have no income for some time.

On top of it, crypto has made me quite a sum of money so my next step should be looking to make even more in an efficient manner. A great advice by all those who made it.

Now I'm really looking forward to having more time on hand haha.

Disclaimer: The information listed here is accurate at the point of writing. I am not endorsed by any of the platforms mentioned here. It is strictly my personal opinion and should not be regarded as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

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