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Monthly Portfolio Update: October 2020, US Election Rally

I have been busy lately, lots of things happening at work and in my personal life. Anyway, here is a quick update of my portfolio..

SG listed stocks:

  • Sold Sasseur REIT at $0.76, 17% profit

  • Sold JB Foods at $0.58, 16% loss

  • Sold Silverlake Axis at $0.31, 3% loss

  • Sold SingMedical at $0.25, 10% loss

Took all these money and converted into stablecoins to earn yield on Celsius Network.



  • AAVE: Migrated from LEND token in a 10:1 reverse split. These new tokens can now be staked on AAVE protocol for some yield.

  • RUNE: Unstaked my RUNE from RuneVault and staked in BEPSwap. I think I swap my USDT for BUSD in order to stake my RUNE in the BUSD pool.

  • HEGIC: A new DeFi protocol for purchasing ETH and Wrapped BTC call/put options. I also do believe that HEGIC will have massive potential due to "first mover" advantage and the lack of alternatives in the DeFi space.

Just when I reviewed about Celsius Network and how CEL token went 3X here. A day later, price of CEL became 4X!

Using "X" to represent how much the price changed is certainly a new thing for me haha. Hopefully, there will be more "X" to come in the future!

The really nice thing about all these tokens is that they have >30% APYs which makes hodling easier when prices go underwater. However, it makes tracking performance quite tricky and tedious.

Yield Farming

Although yield farming didn't last long, I still made somewhere around 3-5% in that short few days participating in the farm and dump. Then, proceeded to lose more by providing liquidity in CREAM's pool 2... lesson learnt I guess.

The door to yield farming may have closed this time but another has opened. We might see more improved version of yield farms (let's call it yield farm v2) that has some kinda utility like Pickle and Harvest.

Election Rally

Screenshot from TradingView

Everything moved up like crazy in the last 24 hours, maybe market is anticipating a big injection of stimulus after the presidential election? Not sure what's causing the euphoria.


Disclaimer: The information listed here is strictly my personal opinion. It should not be regarded as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

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