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Monthly Portfolio Update: Jan 2021 Massive Crypto Bull Run

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Here is a quick update on my portfolio progress.

For SG-listed stocks:

  • Sold DBS at $25.27, I think I made about 2% after fees

  • Sold CICT at $2.18, realized a 10+% gain

There is not much left in my traditional stocks portfolio now. I will be looking to sell the remaining counters I have, including my mum's Genting. Likely not going to be worth holding onto these when the market seemed kinda topped out.

Just to add, I don't really give allowance to my mum nowadays. Well, it's not like she needs the money urgently so what I did was I put the money to work instead. Genting was her choice though but I think there are better places to invest. Like how I used some to buy $RUNE and it became 10X at ATH. Wonder what would be her reaction when she knows xD.

Now for the star of this post..

Crypto, like always, is so eventful.

Remember 1inch DEX which is a Decentralized Exchange aggregator that I mentioned in my past post? The team decided to airdrop their native tokens to all of its users. So just like that, all of its users (me too) became slightly richer. Later, they launched yield farming through their pools. By providing liquidity to their pools, you will be rewarded 1inch tokens.

The thing about yield farms is we had so many in the past that the market was already conditioned to farm as much as possible and be the first few to dump. The same happened for 1inch as there was so much selling pressure that it went below a dollar. All of this was within my expectations, I sold mine below $2.

However, it is somehow "5inches" now.

Screenshot from CoinGecko

Coming back to my crypto holdings:

  • Bought SUSHI at $3 A lot has changed for SUSHI, it is no longer the retarded coin we farmed for the luls and memes. It has become a serious contender to the long time dominant AMM Uniswap.

  • Bought BNT at $1.65 This was a "science experiment" to try out their Impermanent Loss insurance AMM. So far, science experiment always worked against me... and if Bancor does then this is the probably last experiment I should do haha. I gotta admit though that their recent announcement about their collaboration with Polkadot is massive.

  • Bought CEL at $5.2 Decided to average up a bit for some reason..

  • Injected proceeds from traditional portfolio into stablecoins We had a great run so far but chances of it continuing seemed rather unlikely. Parked more of my idle funds in stablecoins to earn yields. Like how dare I to earn interest elsewhere when banks were generous enough to offer 0.7% per annum for keeping my money with them!

Going through individual token performance:

  • AAVE: 7X, 6% APY

  • SNX: 4.5X, 10%~ APY on their L2 Mintr

  • BTC: 3.5, earning fees on BepSwap

  • RUNE: 8X, using only a portion to earn fees on BepSwap

  • CEL: 4X~, 4.85% APY

  • SUSHI: 4X, 10%~ APY

  • HEGIC: 2.5X, 47% APY

  • BNT: No "X" haha, about 10% APY

  • Stablecoins: USDC yielding at 10 - 40% depending on supply and demand on CREAM DAI yielding at almost 50% on CURVE

  • The rest are earning fees on BepSwap

APY used to be a lot higher till RUNE decided to pump further resulting in IL biting my ass. Still, RUNE.BTC pool is one of the most lucrative pools to be in.

Overall, my net worth has ballooned to almost mid 6 figures. Certainly a good feeling and investing in crypto has become a good hedge against this challenging life of mine and a terrible career.

For those who are looking to enter, I would say to exercise extreme caution. Crypto market has a high tendency to pull back really hard. The performance you see here can very well go down 90% when the bear prowls.

Disclaimer: The information listed here is strictly my personal opinion. It should not be regarded as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

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