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Investment Portfolio Update: January 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Initially, I thought of not writing updates about my portfolio cause I feel it isn't meaningful. Maybe I should update quarterly but not on a monthly basis since there really isn't much to write about. It does serve as a good reference to look back upon my decisions from time to time.

For SG listed stocks:

  • Bought Silverlake Axis (SGX: 5CP) at $0.40 per share I wrote about my decision in this post here.

  • Bought CapitaLand Commercial Trust at $2.08 per share This was to avoid being allocated odd lots when CCT merges with CMT. I think I could have waited a little longer as CCT dropped further to $2.02.

  • Bought Silverlake Axis at $0.37 per share Silverlake Axis dropped further cause of the novel coronavirus situation so I decided to average down. We may start to see some upwards movement due to the weakening of SGD against MYR. Definitely bad news for Malaysians working in Singapore.

SG dividends collected (past ex div date):

  • CapitaLand Commercial Trust at $0.039 per share

  • Mapletree Commercial Trust at $0.018 per share

  • First REIT at $0.013 per share

For US listed stocks:

  • Bought Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) at $31.25 per share I have written a post here for this buy decision as well.

  • Bought Twitter at $33.30 per share I realized I should be buying more of Twitter hence the averaging up. Twitter has done quite well in Q4, causing the share price to soar about 15%. However, there is no mention about the status of the software bug was reported in last quarter.

  • Bought Facebook (NYSE: FB) at $208 per share Taking advantage of the dip despite the good Q4 earnings.

My plan for US market is invest in growth stocks since dividends are subjected to a 30% Withholding Tax in the US.

I picked up these social media companies because their business wouldn't be directly affected by the epidemic compared to retail, hospitality, airlines and manufacturing.

For HK listed stocks:

  • Bought my first HK listed stock, China Mobile (HKSE: 0941.HK) at $65.50 per share I will write about this on a later date when I have free time.

Next actions

  • Look for opportunities to trim away some of the holdings that are too iliquid I feel that my portfolio is too spread out with sizable chunk stuck in stocks with low trading volume. I will be looking to sell those positions that lacked price movement and allocate it elsewhere for better returns.

  • Continue to buy quality stocks that have dipped Perhaps MCT? It does start to look attractive but it can go lower.

Disclaimer: The information listed here are strictly my personal opinion. It does not constitute as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

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