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My Investment Portfolio Update: October 2019

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Q3 Results Released!

Disclaimer: The information listed below are strictly my personal opinions. It does not constitute as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

This is a monthly update on my portfolio.

Some changes have been made to how I monitor my portfolio. Instead of calculating the average performance of individual stock, I used % Portfolio Gains to gauge how well my investments are doing (took me a few months to realize Average Performance of my holdings doesn't have any meaning).

Some personal update, the current company I work for will soon be having a huge transition to match the new CEO's directions. Definitely, there will be restructuring which I believe is long overdue (no idea how some people can become managers) and operation processes will be re-looked into. I strongly believe that a global company should not continue to operate without any standardization in their processes and measurement of effectiveness. Hopefully, things would turn around for the better so I don't have to plan my exit soon (provided I am not part of the restructuring plan although their severance package is actually not bad LOL). Excited to see what kind of changes would be implemented and how it would affect my role.

This month is also an exciting time as companies would release their Q3 results. Although short term performance is not really my focus but it is always good to keep track.

AEM Holdings

Screenshot from Yahoo Finance

AEM had a crazy surge in recent weeks, gaining over 118% year to date! Most likely it is due to the recent news on Singapore government's aggressive push for 5G network. Since Huawei has selected AEM's test solution for their 5G technology, it puts AEM in a really good spot for greater future growth. According to their Q3 financial statement, AEM has reported an increased in profits after tax by 20.4% despite revenue dropping by 1%.

Taking this opportunity, I decided to cash out everything at $1.85. As Uncle Warren had said "Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful". Personally, I feel market is overly bullish on AEM. The stock is way overbought and its current price does not justify its recent performance. However, I'll be sure to come back again when the price drops.


Net profit increased by 15% compared to Q3 2018 and 2% compared to Q2. Due to the unrest, net profit for Hong Kong assets was down by 13% compared to Q2.

First REIT

A flattish performance this quarter with Rental and Other Income decreased by 1.5%. Gearing ratio is currently less than 35% which provides room to expand their asset holdings. The only concern with First REIT is whether they would be able to renew leases for 45.8% of its assets which expires in less than 5 years time.

Genting Singapore

From the chart above, this year looked like it has not been good for Genting. Net profit has dropped by 24% from Q3 2018. Genting will be proceeding with RWS 2.0 to further expand through building new attractions and business venues to boost revenues.

JB Foods

Net income dropped 5.6% from Q3 2018 and 19% from previous quarter.

Mapletree Commercial Trust

Net income increased by 1.8% over Q3 2018, gearing ratio is at its lowest of 31.7%. Took the chance to apply for the preferential offering at $ 2.24 to make use of the slight discount. Really nice to have increased dividends this quarter!

Mapletree Logistic Trust

Net income increased by 37.3% over Q2 2018.

Sasseur REIT

Don't really understand what is EMA rental income so I will not comment any further. DPU is up 6.4% from Q3 2018.

Singapore Medical

A flattish performance, net profit decreased -0.1% from Q3 2018 but dropped 11% from previous quarter.

Altria Group

Negative income for this quarter as Altria has to pay an impairment charge 4.5 billion because of their investment in JUUL. Stock price had recovered a significant amount from its 52 weeks low.

Kraft Heinz

Based on the chart, it certainly shows that KHC is slowly turning around to be more profitable. Net income increased almost 43% from Q3 2018 and doubled from last quarter!

Molson Coors

Not good, this company is struggling for some reason.


A speculative buy of mine, will read up more and write about it.

Personal Thoughts

It has been slightly more than a year since I started investing. Back then, I did not have much knowledge on how to start so I spent a lot of time reading up on how others did it through various methods. Waited about 1-2 years before I decided it is enough waiting and bought N2IU.SI followed by M4UU.SI. Now, these two stocks have become the core of my portfolio, gaining over an average of 40%.

Maybe luck plays a huge part as well?

So far, it looks like I am onto a really good start. With constant effort put in, I hope that my portfolio can continue doing well!

If anyone is still contemplating about investing, just go and give it a try. It doesn't matter whether profit or loss, every experience is a valuable lesson!

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