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My Investment Portfolio Update: March 2019

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A sneak peak into my current holdings.

Portfolio Outlook April 2019

Disclaimer: The information listed below are strictly my personal opinions. It does not constitute as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

This is a monthly update for my portfolio.

First REIT

First REIT was a hasty purchase as it started to range from 0.98 - 1.00 right after. The stock had gone through so much which caused it to plummet near its 52 weeks low. Notable factors were: currency fluctuations, money owed by its sponsor (Lippo), change of sponsor, leases expiring, possible rights issue, most assets in Indonesia etc.

However, I still do feel that this stock has value as health care is an important aspect to sustain and prolong life. First REIT management is also looking to diversify into overseas assets to lower risks. If things do go south, holding it in the long run and collecting dividends should make up for for the losses. Although it currently sits at >8% yield , I anticipate a reduction to be more sustainable.

Mapletree Comm Tr, Mapletree Log Tr, Sasseur REIT

REITs have been really bullish lately especially Mapletree for hitting several new highs this year. REITS are also popular defensive option whenever uncertainties arise in the market.

Sasseur REIT was a speculative buy as it had only IPO-ed for a year and revolved around malls in China. It dropped to 52 weeks low after dividend payout. I do believe that China will do well in the long run and it has paid off so far. News have also reported that they have intentions to diversify and are evaluating malls in Europe.

Memtech International

Another stock that was sitting at 52 weeks low despite having good balance sheet and an attractive dividend. I really thought that it was undervalued and it was a good decision to pick it up.

Kraft Heinz

I remember as a kid, I used to watch Kraft's cheese advertisement. I remembered asking my mum if she could buy Kraft cheese. She would always reject saying: "No, too expensive!". As a result, deep in my mind I have always remembered them as expensive cheese.

Today, I believe if you go up to anyone asking about Kraft, people will tell you about their cheese or salad dressing. With a good branding and low valuation, I decided to purchase some and hold for the long term.


Autowealth was my first ever investment to get my feet wet in investing. After holding onto it for almost a year, not much has changed. I may have to swap this out for something else.

Overall, I think I will cash out some of my holdings as economy is starting to look gloomy and wait for better opportunities.

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