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Crypto: A Quick Review on Crabada Play-to-Earn NFT Game

What best to do other than to watch crabs fight each other while waiting out market crabs. As the title suggest, Crabada is a decentralized Play-to-Earn NFT game on the Avalanche blockchain and comes with idling features. In short, Crabada is something like an Axie Infinity fork but perhaps better in some way.

What is Crabada?

For better understanding, below is a gameplay footage of Crabada's looting mechanics:

Not quite the game for my age lol.

Crabada is not Free-to-Play as players need to purchase at least 3 crabs (hermit crabs to be exact) for:

  1. Mining expedition (can be left idle)

  2. Looting people's mining expedition (kinda like pirates lol, requires active participation)

At the moment, floor price of crabs is about USD 2000~... perhaps lesser during bear market. Hence, an initial investment totaling to USD 6000~ is required just to start playing the game. A high entry barrier to be honest unless you're really fond of the art. Btw, @JessieMorii is the illustrator behind Crabada, the artist behind the cute froyo cats!

Check out the marketplace here for latest pricing.

Any additional idling crabs can also be loaned out at the tavern for hire (mercenaries) to reinforce requestor's mining party's defense against looters.

>insert passive incoooooomer meme


Crabada has 2 native tokens, CRA and TUS.

CRA token is a governance token with a fixed total supply of 1 bil.

Token distribution feels pretty okay with earliest unlock being 1 year for seed investors and community bootstrap.

TUS is Crabada's game currency which can be used to exchange for crabs and mission rewards. I'm quite surprised with the lack of details on TUS in the docs but I'm guessing that its supply is infinite.

If you wanna bet on the success of Crabada, I think CRA token is the only option here.

Link to the docs here.

How much can players earn?

  • Successful mining run: 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS (USD 40~)

  • For participating looting mission: 0.3 CRA and 24.3 TUS (USD 3~)

  • Successful looting run: 2.4375 CRA and 197.4375 TUS (USD 30~, 65% of mining rewards)

  • Lending crabs: Amount is subjected to supply/demand x 0.9 (Tavern charges 10% fee)

Let's see how much can a starter earn on a good day using 3 crabs.

Considering 1 mining expedition takes 4 hours with no cooldown, for 12 hours playtime:

3(3.75 CRA + 303.75 TUS) = 11.25 CRA + 911.25 TUS per day (USD 120 ~ 150) ROI minimally 40 days~

Since looting duration ranges from 1 - 2.5 hours (assume 1 hour) with 1 hour cooldown, for 12 hours playtime:

6(0.3 CRA + 24.3 TUS + 2.4375 CRA + 197.4375 TUS) = 16.425 CRA + 1,330.425 TUS per day (USD 145~) ROI minimally 30 days~

Now let's calculate how much can a maxed out player earn on a good day (assuming no reinforcement needed).

At max, a player can have:

  • 3 mining parties (9 crabs = USD 18,000)

  • 2 looting parties (6 crabs = USD 12,000, to avoid cooldown time)

Parties cap can actually be further increased by staking CRA but let's leave it like this cause simple math is all I can manage lol.

Mining rewards: 3(11.25 CRA + 911.25 TUS) = 33.75 CRA + 2,733.75 TUS Looting rewards: 2(16.425 CRA + 1,330.425 TUS) = 32.85 CRA + 2660.85 TUS Total: 66.6 CRA + 5,394.6 TUS (USD 800~) ROI minimally 38 days~

So yeah, even on a good day the risk/reward doesn't look that great... if my math didn't fail me lol. ROI will be worse when CRA emission ends in around 2 months time.


The good:

  • Rewards are skewed towards having strong crabs which incentivizes breeders to carry out selective breeding

  • Having more crabs increases earning potential

  • Reduced Max crab breeding count of 5, lesser than Axie Infinity

  • CRA might have good price discovery since it is considered AXS copy but cheaper

Crabada getting more hyped :o

The bad:

  • High entry barrier at the early stages

  • Game encourages possession of multiple crabs but still insufficient to address the problem of infinite crab minting

  • Value of crab NFT will lower over time

  • Entire game just feels like another form of yield farm with earlier players dumping TUS on newer players... causing earning potential to reduce over time

  • Lack stickiness factor when earning potential drops

I'll be watching this one.

Disclaimer: The information listed here is accurate at the point of writing. I am not endorsed by any of the platforms mentioned here. It is strictly my personal opinion and should not be regarded as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

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