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List of Credit Card Sign Up Promotion - Apr 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Money Matters is a new section that I just started where I will blog about personal finance or anything related to money (love the punny tagline). Learning how to reduce expenditure and increase savings is of a key importance while working towards any financial goals. Well, investing will not work if you don't even have any money in the first place.

Market has been panicking this week, selling everything as the spread of COVID-19 gets more severe. While waiting for market to settle down a bit, I think it is good to focus on other things to keep my mind occupied and stop itchy fingers from buying.

I have always found organizing information satisfying so I went to compile a list of credit card sign up promotions offered by MoneySmart, SingSaver and MileLion. The idea here is to narrow down the cards to utilize when you have multiple big purchases coming up for example wedding, furniture or household appliances. This way, you can plan your purchases better by matching specific expense to a certain card and subsequently meet its minimum spending to qualify for the reward. Lastly, anyone can quickly compare the deals each site is offering to see where to best sign up with.

Why the hassle? Since your pocket is gonna feel hurt, why not make it less painful right?

I feel the best way to make use of this list is to arrange the minimum spending criteria starting with the least amount.

Click here to view the Google Sheet.

Hope this list is useful to anyone!

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